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Utilities operator

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Utilities operator

Our client is a major electricity distribution network operator covering extensive regions in the United Kingdom, responsible for an area over 30,000 square kilometers, serving almost 10 million customers. The organization is committed to reaching ambitious Net Zero goals for both their direct operational emissions and their entire value chain.

The Challenge:

To meet their sustainability targets, our client needed to significantly improve data collection from internal and external partners and enhance data quality. They faced the substantial challenge of gathering, managing, and analyzing vast amounts of emissions data from their extensive operations and supply chain.

Leveraging Minimum's Data-Driven Solutions:

In response to these challenges, our client turned to Minimum's advanced tech platform. Minimum assisted the client in setting up internal processes for data collection, assigning responsibilities, and tracking outstanding data. By leveraging Minimum’s web-based data collection tools, the company was able to collect actual reported emissions data from their supply chain, significantly improving upon their previous spend-based methodology.

Minimum's platform automated the calculation and tracking of the company's own operational emissions. This automation allowed the client to focus on strategic objectives while having confidence in the accuracy of their emissions data.

Empowered Insights and Strategy:

Minimum's results and reporting dashboard offered the client the ability to regularly analyze their carbon footprint. This feature drastically improved their annual tracking capabilities, resulting in more effective and targeted reduction initiatives.

With Minimum’s bespoke software solution, the company can aggregate data from multiple sources to significantly improve their understanding of their carbon footprint across their entire value chain. Minimum's reporting dashboard enables the client to:

  1. Track emissions effectively, with deep insights into emission hotspots.
  2. Concentrate carbon reduction initiatives where they will have the most impact.
  3. Communicate progress effectively to all stakeholders, ranging from external investors and shareholders to environmentally conscious colleagues.
Bespoke Embodied Carbon Calculator:

In addition, Minimum also developed a custom embodied carbon calculator for the company. This tool's methodology is based on the standard BS EN 17472:2022 for sustainability assessment of civil engineering works. The functionality of the tool includes:

  1. Default carbon emissions data for standardized components, enabling baseline calculation of project designs.
  2. Scenario analysis during design and construction phases to assess alternative options.
  3. Data capture for as-built carbon footprint.
Future Aspirations:

Armed with Minimum's solutions, our client is making substantial progress towards achieving its Net Zero goal. The robust data collection and analysis capabilities provided by the Minimum platform continue to underpin their sustainability efforts. As they continue their journey towards achieving a greener future, the company stands as an example of how data-driven decision making can significantly contribute to sustainability goals in the utilities sector.


Utilities operator
Utilities operator

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Utilities operator
Utilities operator


Utilities operator
Utilities operator

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