With a service area spanning over 30,000 square kilometers and nearly 10 million customers, this major electricity distribution network operator in the United Kingdom, stands out. They have set their sights on achieving Net Zero goals, not just within their operations but across their entire value chain. Some details have been omitted due to potentially sensitive information.
"Our client is committed to reaching ambitious Net Zero goals for both their direct operational emissions and their entire value chain."

The data dilemma

Our client faced a significant hurdle in meeting their sustainability targets. The challenge was twofold: improving data collection from various partners and enhancing the quality of this data. This was particularly daunting given the vast amounts of emissions data they had to manage from their extensive operations and supply chain.

Turning to tech for solutions

To overcome these challenges, our client partnered with us– leveraging their advanced technology platform. We helped our client establish internal processes for data collection, assign responsibilities, and track outstanding data. The use of Minimum's web-based tools enabled our client to collect actual emissions data, a significant improvement over their previous methods.

"Our automated platform allows our client to focus on strategic objectives while having confidence in the accuracy of their emissions data."
Image © Jon Moore via Unsplash

Impactful insights

Minimum's reporting dashboard offers our client the ability to analyze their carbon footprint regularly. This feature significantly improves their annual tracking capabilities, leading to more effective and targeted reduction initiatives. The dashboard also allows the company to communicate their progress effectively to all stakeholders, from investors to environmentally conscious employees.

Custom tools for complex tasks

To accommodate our client’s unique position, we went a step further by developing a custom embodied carbon calculator. This tool, based on standard BS EN 17472:2022, included features like default carbon emissions data for standardized components and scenario analysis during design and construction phases.

Image © Martin Adams via Unsplash

Looking ahead

With the robust data collection and analysis capabilities provided by Minimum, our client is making substantial strides toward achieving its Net Zero goal. Their journey serves as an example of how data-driven decision-making can significantly contribute to sustainability goals in the utilities sector.

"Armed with Minimum's solutions, our client is making substantial progress towards achieving its Net Zero goal."

By embracing technology and data-driven solutions, this utilities operator is not just reaching its sustainability targets but also setting a precedent for the entire utilities sector.

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