Our client, a leading homebuilder and real estate development company, has experienced rapid growth over the years and now operates in various regions across the United States. As consumer awareness of sustainability grows, so does the desire among new homeowners to live in environmentally conscious houses. To meet these demands, they partnered with Minimum. Some details have been omitted due to potentially sensitive information.
"This homebuilding business recognizes the urgent need for a streamlined emissions workflow, and is keen to prepare for upcoming SEC regulation."

The complex landscape of carbon emissions

Operating in multiple states, cities, and facilities, our client required a solution that would provide detailed oversight of their carbon emissions. They also needed the ability to apply scenario analysis to the results, a feature crucial for future-proofing their sustainability initiatives.

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Leveraging Minimum's carbon accounting software

Minimum's Emissions Data Platform was chosen for its seamless and efficient methods of data extraction and upload. The platform allowed our client to improve data collection and manage its carbon emissions accurately, including emissions from its supply chain, operations, and end use.

"Minimum's platform was chosen for its seamless and efficient methods that allowed the client to improve data and manage its carbon emissions accurately."

Focusing on specific areas for improvement

Minimum's flexible emissions data platform allowed our client to focus on specific areas to improve data collection while still integrating with existing data collection systems. The software calculated the carbon footprint to a very granular level and incorporated scenario analysis into its results.

Image © René Asmussen via Unsplash

Taking action on emissions hotspots

With a strong baseline established, our client is now able to take action on specific emissions hotspots. These include reducing energy consumption in its corporate facilities, increasing the use of sustainable materials, and optimizing its supply chain.

Real estate’s role in the environment

The building sector plays an integral role in reducing global emissions to net zero by 2050. With Minimum's emissions data platform and carbon management software, our client is well-equipped to contribute to this goal. Their journey serves as an inspiring example for other companies in the homebuilding and real estate development sectors looking to incorporate sustainability directly into their operations.

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