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Retail manufacturing

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Retail manufacturing

Our client is one of the most successful consumer goods manufacturers in the world, selling online and in-store to a passionate global fanbase. With an increased consciousness towards its environmental impact, the organization set out to establish a leading environmental strategy in 2022. A key part of this strategy was to improve the accuracy and granularity of the company's entire Scope 1, 2, and 3 footprint. They chose to partner with Minimum because our carbon accounting software is ideally suited to tackle data collection and footprint calculation for a complex, global retail business.

Why Minimum, impact Minimum had, outcomes for client

The client had been carrying out internal carbon footprint calculations for a few years. However, like many businesses, they struggled with obtaining accurate, actual activity data from both the supply chain and their own operations. Their goal was to move away from estimates and towards reliable, transparent calculations as the basis for their reduction strategy.

Minimum's integrated software solution streamlined their internal data collection process and also allowed them to reach out to supply chain partners easily. Our platform automated the carbon footprint calculation, providing them with reliable and transparent data.

Collecting Emissions Data:

The client is a vertically integrated business, maintaining control over every aspect of design, manufacture, and distribution of their models and rulebooks. They sell their products through a network of over 500 retail stores, third-party resellers, and online. This presented a significant data collection challenge for their sustainability team. Our platform was configured as a digital twin of their organization structure, allowing for efficient data collection and management.

Scrutinising the Supply Chain:

The client used Minimum's platform to replace widely-used spend-based estimations with actual data from supply chain partners. We worked closely with them to design bespoke data collection portals where key partners could securely submit their data. This allowed the client to understand the total carbon impact of a supplier and informed a more strategic reduction plan.

Setting Credible Targets:

Using Minimum's software, the client was able to improve carbon footprint calculations across Scope 1, 2, and 3. This has enabled them to start setting credible Science Based Targets. The software also provides internal stakeholders with year-on-year analysis and progress tracking, ensuring that all parts of the business and supply chain are on track to meet their ambitious targets.

Call to action:

Transparency and accuracy are crucial pillars of any organization's carbon reduction strategy. Minimum’s carbon accounting software helps businesses achieve this, even when dealing with complex databases across global operations. To see how Minimum can aid your organization's decarbonization journey, reach out to speak to one of our experts to discuss your needs and see the product in action.


Retail manufacturing
Retail manufacturing

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Retail manufacturing
Retail manufacturing


Retail manufacturing
Retail manufacturing

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