Our client, a publicly listed retail and e-commerce operator, manages a diverse portfolio of brands across multiple sectors, including agriculture and manufacturing. Recently, they have shifted their focus towards implementing sustainability practices such as recycling and clean energy procurement in their distribution centers. To further these initiatives, they sought a robust solution for carbon emissions accounting and turned to Minimum for assistance. Some details have been omitted due to potentially sensitive information.
"This retail and e-commerce operator has shifted some focus to ensure that their sustainability practices measure up with their impressive family of brands."

The complex task of navigating carbon accounting

Operating more than 50 locations in the U.S., including distribution centers and stores, our client faced significant challenges in establishing a complete carbon baseline. The complexity was compounded by the need to prepare for upcoming regulatory changes, such as those proposed by the SEC.

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Streamlining data collection with Minimum

To address these challenges, our client implemented Minimum's Carbon Accounting Software. The software mapped their organizational structure and automated the data collection process, allowing for a comprehensive and accurate measurement of their carbon footprint across different sectors.

"Minimum’s Carbon Accounting Software provided a scalable and efficient method to collect emissions data, ensuring compliance with various GHG accounting standards."

Robust, reliable reporting

Minimum's software helped our client by identifying all relevant departments, divisions, and subsidiaries, establishing a hierarchy of reporting. This ensured compliance with various GHG accounting standards, facilitating robust and reliable reporting.

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Calculating carbon footprint for transparency

Our software provides an auditable trail of carbon emissions, ensuring accurate and accessible data for reporting and audit purposes. Its flexibility was invaluable for our client in terms of data extraction and maintaining an ongoing audit trail.

"The flexibility of Minimum’s software allows our client to confidently report their carbon emissions as part of their commitment to sustainability."

Looking to the future

Equipped with the tools and data provided by Minimum, our client is well-positioned to significantly advance their sustainability initiatives. The insights generated will facilitate more strategic decision-making and enable them to measure and manage their carbon emissions effectively. Their commitment to transparency and sustainability solidifies their status as a leader in their industry.

By leveraging Minimum's comprehensive solutions, our client is setting a strong example for the retail and e-commerce sector, illustrating how data-driven decision-making can drive significant progress towards a more sustainable future.

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