The powerful home for your organization’s emissions data

Minimum’s Emissions Data Platform seamlessly collects and processes emissions data from every corner of your organization and value chain - no matter the format.

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A calculation of your organization's carbon footprint that's ready for audit. Always.

Beyond carbon accounting, Minimum empowers you with consistent output data to be used across your organization.

From analytics for business intelligence or disclosure reports and emissions audits, Minimum's EDP has you covered.

Your organization's tools for carbon impact

Emissions calculations

Collect emissions data from wherever it lives – whether that’s within your organization, or from a supplier or investment.

Process data in any format – from industry benchmarks, spend-based estimates or actual figures

Choose calculation methodologies based on the available data, and the precision needed

Simplify calculating indirect footprints – from flexible benchmarking, to direct engagements with suppliers and investments

Emissions calculations
System of Record

System of Record

Minimum’s EDP is the single source of truth for your organization’s Greenhouse Gas data.

Map emissions to your organization and operations – of any scale or complexity

Keep your baseline accurate, reflective, and timely across reporting periods – from annual, to hourly

Empower Net Zero and reduction strategies with data-driven scenario analysis


Minimum’s EDP puts disclosures and reports at the tips of your fingers

Always-on calculations mean you’re always prepared for reporting schedules

Built-in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol ensures accounting methodologies are robust

Generate reports for any present or future disclosure requirements, with data recorded at the most granular level


Trusted by leading global enterprises

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