The system of record for your emissions data.

Minimum's enterprise software seamlessly collects and processes emissions data from every corner of your organization and value chain - no matter the format.

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Flexible, automated data collection

Collect emissions data from various sources, including within your organization, suppliers, or investments. Our hyper-flexible workflows allow data submission by countless internal and external stakeholders in any format. With our project management tools, setting up and managing an automated data collection process from start to finish is seamless.

Complex calculations simplified

Streamline the calculation of indirect footprints. Our system offers flexible benchmarking options and direct engagement with suppliers and investments. You can select calculation methodologies that suit the available data and the required precision level. Minimum's intelligent benchmarking tools help fill any gaps in your data.

Push-button reporting and instant compliance

Instantly generate reports based on standard frameworks (such as SASB, CDP, SECR, TCFD) and create custom disclosures (like Annual Reports and ESG Reports). Our always-on calculations, grounded in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ensure continuous compliance and robust and accurate accounting. You can generate reports for any current or future disclosure requirements, with data captured at the most detailed level.

Transforming data into action

Minimum makes data collection manageable whether you require carbon-related data for legislative compliance, public relations, or internal intelligence purposes. No matter its origin, our robust software platform and expert team can channel it skillfully into various practical applications.

Completely transparent and audit-ready

Minimum's data architecture ensures comprehensive disclosure verification. It includes versioning, error flagging, streamlined data reviews, and third-party assurance. Additionally, built-in uncertainty assessments quantify and monitor data quality over time, allowing you to understand and report any uncertainties in your footprints.

The system of record for your emissions data

Minimum serves as your organization's definitive source for emissions data, offering consistent and reliable output throughout your company. Additionally, we establish objectives, monitor progress, and strategically plan significant decisions with our intelligent emissions-tracking tools. Leverage our adaptable data visualization tools to generate powerful insights and enable targeted interventions.

Illuminate the path to a greener future for your business.