The system of record for your emissions data.

Minimum's enterprise software seamlessly collects and processes emissions data from every corner of your organization and value chain - no matter the format.

Compatible with

Flexible, automated data collection.

Collect emissions data from wherever it lives – whether that’s within your organization, or from a supplier or investment.

Hyper-flexible workflows enable data to be submitted in any format, by an unlimited number of internal and external stakeholders.

Project management tooling makes it easy to set up and manage an automated data collection process, from beginning to end.

Complex calculations made simple.

Simplify calculating indirect footprints – from flexible benchmarking, to direct engagements with suppliers and investments.

Choose calculation methodologies based on the available data, and the precision needed.

Minimum's intelligent benchmarking tools plug any gaps in your data availability.

Push-button reporting and instant compliance.

Instant generation of standard reporting frameworks (e.g., SASB, CDP, SECR, TCFD) and customized disclosures (e.g. Annual Reports and ESG Reports).

Always-on calculations built on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol provide constant compliance alongside robust and accurate accounting.

Generate reports for any present or future disclosure requirements, with data recorded at the most granular level.

Total transparency and auditability.

Minimum's data architecture enables full disclosure verification, with versioning, error flagging and streamlined data reviews and third-party assurance.

Built-in uncertainty assessments quantify and track data quality over time to understand and report any uncertainty within footprints.

The system of record for your emissions data.

The single source of truth for your organization’s emissions data, empowering you with consistent output data to be used across your organization.

Generate powerful insights and enable targeted interventions with Minimum's configurable data visualization tools.

Set targets, measure progress, and model the big decisions to come with intelligent emissions tracking tooling.

From analytics for business intelligence, to disclosure reports and emissions audits, Minimum has you covered.

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