Join our mission to combat climate change.

Dive into a pivotal role at Minimum, addressing the climate crisis where a small fraction of businesses cause major emissions. Your expertise is key in our innovative, solution-focused team.

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Seasoned experts with a drive for excellence

We’re always on the lookout for experienced professionals who excel in their fields and are motivated by collaboration and excellence. Your expertise is crucial in our journey towards a sustainable future.

Quick thinkers with a knack for innovation

We value individuals who are dynamic, innovative, and quick to adapt. If you’re someone who thrives on developing new ideas and approaches, your skills will be a vital asset to our team.

Passionate advocates for environmental impact

Do you have a deep passion for environmental science and a desire to make a real-world impact? We're looking for enthusiastic individuals eager to contribute to meaningful change for our planet.

Solve the planet’s most crucial problem

Addressing the climate crisis demands the collaboration of the most brilliant and inventive minds. At Minimum, we don’t just show up to work; we're urgently creating solutions while there's still time. Our goal is not only challenging, but also profoundly impactful and essential for our future.

Work alongside a group of driven and talented peers

Each member of the Minimum team is deeply credible in their various fields of expertise, from software engineering to product footprinting – we’re a multi-disciplinary bunch. Our shared intellectual curiosity and passion for making a world-changing impact bond us together.

Join a team where kindness and mutual support matter

We give a damn. At Minimum, we value our team's well-being and growth. We foster an environment of psychological safety and kindness, where brilliance is born from genuine trust and mutual support.

Expand your horizons and grow with purpose

Minimum is a place to excel. Here, you’re encouraged to explore novel solutions, test innovative ideas, and spearhead new initiatives that foster both professional excellence and personal development.

Driving change worldwide, backed by top-tier VCs

As an innovator in enterprise software with a strong presence in major cities like London and Austin, Minimum has the privilege to address the climate conflicts at its root by serving major businesses all around the globe. We’re trusted by several elite venture capitalists from the USA and Europe, some of them responsible for industry-leading enterprises such as Airbnb, Chime, and Uber. This high-level support empowers us to elevate our capacity to exceed expectations and achieve excellence.

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We are Minimum

At Minimum, we're more than just a team; we're innovators and pioneers, seamlessly integrating environmental science, sustainability management, and cutting-edge enterprise SaaS. Our diverse group boasts esteemed alumni from The Carbon Trust, Boston Consulting Group, Harvard Business School, Gymshark, Accenture, and South Pole. Together, we form an extraordinary collective dedicated to making significant strides in sustainability and technological advancement. Join us in our mission to drive transformative change and shape a more sustainable future.

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