Matterport is a pioneer in the field of spatial data, specializing in the digitization and indexing of the built environment. Put simply, Matterport creates digital twins of physical spaces, allowing consumers to virtually explore and interact with real estate, offices, or industrial sites as if they were actually there.Their comprehensive 3D data platform allows users to create precise and interactive digital twins of any space, serving various purposes from design and operation to promotion and analysis.

The complexity of carbon footprinting

Matterport faced a daunting task: to comprehensively map their Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon footprints. This was a complex undertaking due to their global supply chain and the diverse applications of their products. They needed a platform that could not only map their supply chain accurately but also provide detailed carbon footprints for each product component.

"Matterport required a platform capable of accurately mapping their supply chain, streamlining the data collection process, and providing discernible product-specific carbon footprints."
Image © Matterport

Tailored solutions, by Minimum

To address these challenges, Minimum developed a digital twin of Matterport's carbon-producing activities and suppliers, mirroring Matterport's own business model. For Matterport's flagship product, the Pro 2, Minimum dissected the components into specific materials and matched them with top-tier emission factors. This granular approach empowered Matterport to identify and act upon their emission hotspots effectively.

Avoided emissions

After analyzing the value chain emissions, Minimum employed its modeling expertise to create avoided emissions scenarios. These scenarios provided Matterport with a comprehensive view of the CO2 savings associated with the use of their digital twins. For example, each digital twin created saves an emissions equivalent of 444 miles of car travel, highlighting the environmental benefits of Matterport's initiatives.

"Each digital twin created saves, on average, an emissions equivalent of 444 miles of car travel."
Image © Matterport

Next steps

Equipped with Minimum's Carbon Accounting Software, Matterport now has a complete understanding of their carbon footprint across all scopes. The insights generated enable them to not only grasp the environmental impact of their operations but also recognize the significant CO2 savings linked to their digital twins. Matterport serves as a shining example of how digitalization and data-driven decision-making can contribute to a more sustainable future.

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