Our client, a global leader in the production of high-performance specialty materials, is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Their products are designed to save energy, reduce pollution, and enhance fire safety across various applications. To align their operations with their environmental ethos, they partnered with Minimum for comprehensive emissions data management. Some details have been omitted due to potentially sensitive information.

The complexity of data consolidation

After a recent merger, the newly merged companies faced the complex task of consolidating activity data from multiple global sites. They needed a unified solution for both internal and external environmental impact reporting. 

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A single central hub for all records

Minimum's Emissions Data Platform was the perfect tool for the task, serving as a single environmental system of record. It consolidated information from various stakeholders and data sources, allowing our client to identify data gaps, discrepancies, and outliers. 

"Minimum's platform consolidates information into a single environmental system of record, streamlining future data collection."

Automating carbon calculations

Our Emissions Data Platform automates the calculation of our client's carbon emissions across operations in over ten countries. It takes into account local emission factors and units of measure, providing a full Scope 1 and 2 footprint. Additionally, the platform delivers monthly energy consumption metrics across various fuel types.

Comprehensive reporting

With Minimum's detailed analysis, our client gained a single point of reference for activity and emissions data across its entire business. The results were auditable, transparent, and informative, enabling stakeholders to delve deeper into emission sources and form targeted reduction strategies.

"The analytics dashboard within Minimum's EDP allows stakeholders to delve deeper into emission sources, identify trends, and form targeted reduction strategies."

Beyond carbon: water risk analysis

Minimum's Emissions Data Platform also has the capacity to record and consolidate water consumption data, a critical metric for our client. Armed with this data, Minimum conducted an analysis of the company's water risk, aligning with the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) requirements.

Image © RePhile Water via Unsplash

The way forward

Transparency and accuracy are central pillars of an organization's carbon reduction strategy. With Minimum's Emissions Data Platform, our client is well-equipped to achieve these goals, even when dealing with complex databases across global operations. Their journey serves as an inspiring example for other businesses in the high-spec manufacturing sector aiming to make sustainability a core part of their strategy.

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