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High-spec manufacturing

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High-spec manufacturing

Our client, a global leader in the production of high-performance specialty materials, holds environmental impact at the forefront of its mission. Their products aim to save energy, decrease pollution, and enhance fire safety in various applications. In keeping with this ethos, the company is committed to monitoring and reporting its environmental metrics across its numerous facilities worldwide with accuracy and transparency.

Why Minimum, impact Minimum had, outcomes for the client

After a recent merger, the company found itself facing the challenge of consolidating and managing activity data from multiple global sites. They required a comprehensive solution to unify their emissions data, creating a single reliable source for internal and external environmental impact reporting. Minimum’s Emissions Data Platform (EDP) proved to be the perfect tool for the task.

Collecting Emissions Data:

Minimum assisted the company in gathering activity data from various stakeholders and data sources, consolidating this information into a single environmental system of record. This process allowed the company to identify data gaps, discrepancies, and outliers. A digital replica of the company's organizational structure was created with Minimum’s EDP, streamlining future data collection.

Calculating Carbon Footprint:

Minimum’s EDP automates the calculation of the company's carbon emissions across its operations in over ten countries, taking into account local emission factors and units of measure. In addition to providing the full Scope 1 and 2 footprint, the platform also delivers monthly energy consumption metrics across various fuel types, empowering the company to target energy efficiency in tandem with carbon reduction.

Transparent and Thorough Reporting:

With Minimum’s detailed analysis, the company has a single point of reference for activity and emissions data from across its entire business. The results were auditable, transparent, and informative. The analytics dashboard within Minimum's EDP allows stakeholders to delve deeper into emission sources, identify trends, and form targeted reduction strategies.

Further, Minimum’s EDP has the capacity to record and consolidate water consumption data at the same sites, which is a critical metric for the company. Armed with this data, Minimum’s experts conducted an analysis of the company's water risk, aligning with the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) requirements.

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Transparency and accuracy are central pillars of an organization's carbon reduction strategy. Minimum’s Emissions Data Platform enables businesses to achieve these goals, even when starting with complex databases across truly global operations. To see how Minimum can support your organization's decarbonization journey, reach out to our experts to discuss your needs and see the product in action.


High-spec manufacturing
High-spec manufacturing

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High-spec manufacturing
High-spec manufacturing


High-spec manufacturing
High-spec manufacturing

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