For enterprise system providers

By partnering with Minimum, enterprise system providers can significantly enhance their compliance with carbon accounting regulations.

Our meticulous emission tracking and reporting not only demonstrate a deep commitment to sustainability but also empower providers to offer their clients a comprehensive, fully integrated carbon accounting experience. Engage with our data experts to explore in depth how Minimum elevates the capabilities of enterprise system providers, enabling them to deliver exceptional value in carbon management.

The cornerstone of progressive carbon accounting

Minimum's platform is recognized for streamlining internal carbon accounting among global industry leaders, but its capabilities extend well beyond this. Our innovative solutions are designed for seamless integration into your software or the services you offer to customers.

By leveraging our technology, businesses are empowered to do more than just comply with sustainability regulations. They become pioneers in environmental stewardship, creating substantial impacts in their operations and setting new standards for their clients. Discover how Minimum can transform your approach to carbon management, driving you towards leadership in sustainable practices.

Harnessing data for impactful enterprise insights

Enterprise-ready platform

Get started today, and prepare for tomorrow. Minimum’s enterprise carbon accounting software makes it easy for large, complex organizations to surface, interpret and disclose their emissions data.

Powerful, data-driven insights

Access rich data insights - from industry benchmarking and trends over time to target setting and tracking - Minimum is built to power any large organization's sustainability strategy.

Clear, constant emissions data

Minimum captures, calculates and shares fully auditable and granular emissions data from an unlimited number of internal and external stakeholders, down to the individual activity level.

Bespoke carbon solutions to meet sector-specific demands

Minimum for Consultants

Add another layer of quality and strategy to your consulting practices. Boost efficiency in your carbon accounting and management by leveraging our platform’s capabilities.

Minimum for Auditors

Benefit from our advanced data architecture– cut down on manual labor, and shift your focus towards a more streamlined, precise, and reliable carbon auditing processes.

Scalable solutions built for enterprise


Discover how spatial data company Matterport utilizes Minimum's platform to map their complex global carbon footprint down to the component level.
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Octopus Group

Learn how the fast-growing Octopus Group is leveraging Minimum's platform to streamline emissions data and set a path to Net Zero by 2030.
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Major Utilities Operator

Utilities operator

This future-facing utilities operator from the UK leverages Minimum's tech to achieve their ambitious Net Zero goals. Find out more about how they’re doing this.
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Leading consumer goods manufacturer

Retail manufacturing

When on the scale of this global retail manufacturer, carbon accounting can be a daunting task. Learn how they streamlined the process across their highly intricate supply chain.
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Leading Medical Device Manufacturer


See how this medical device manufacturer utilizes Minimum's software for their comprehensive ESG reporting.
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Leading speciality materials manufacturer

High-spec manufacturing

This high-spec manufacturer centralizes their emissions data using Minimum's platform. Read more about how.
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Multinational Hospitality Company


Learn how a multinational hospitality company meets ever-growing demands for sustainability and compliance using Minimum's solutions.
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Public Retail and E-Commerce Operator

Retail and e-commerce

Carbon accounting is no easy feat: especially on a global scale, as is the case with this retail and e-commerce giant. See how we’re streamlining their carbon accounting.
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High specification manufacturer


See how this leading real estate developer is paving the way for sustainability in real estate with Minimum's assistance.
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From analytics for business intelligence, to disclosure reports and emissions audits, Minimum has you covered.