Adaptive carbon analysis in any scenario.

Explore Minimum's dynamic approach to emissions data management: streamlined, comprehensive, and tailored for your organization's unique environmental footprint.

Carbon Accounting

At Minimum, our carbon accounting software efficiently collects and processes emissions data across your organization and value chain, regardless of format. We provide continuous, up-to-date output data for your entire organization, offering a clear view of your carbon footprint. Our project management tools and flexible workflows ensure a streamlined and manageable carbon accounting process from start to finish.

Supplier Engagement

Minimum's carbon accounting software included a comprehensive suite of supplier engagement tooling. By efficiently collecting and processing emissions data from your entire value chain, we’re able to identify, analyze and address supply chain carbon emissions. In this way, Minimum enables you to build a clear picture of the carbon-intensity across your entire value chain. Our software ensures that this aspect of carbon management is streamlined, transparent and highly automated.

Financed Emissions

For investors and investor companies, Minimum's platform provides the tooling required to surface, collect and calculate financed emissions, regardless of the data’s format, structure or location. This is critical in providing a comprehensive view of the indirect carbon emissions associated with your investments, helping you make informed decisions aligned with your sustainability goals. Minimum’s project management tooling and flexible workflows ensure a streamlined and manageable process from start to finish.


Investment managers with EU-based customers and shareholders


All FCA-regulated investment managers

SEC (Corporate)

All public companies

Fit for all industries

Our carbon accounting platform is designed with flexibility and customization at its core, allowing us to support an extensive range of companies across numerous markets and industries. This adaptability enables us to effectively assist these organizations in achieving their carbon footprint objectives, catering to their unique environmental impact goals and sustainability strategies.

See how Minimum's platform adapts to the unique carbon tracking needs of your industry.

The ultimate system of record for emissions data

Enterprise-ready platform

Get started today, and prepare for tomorrow. Minimum’s enterprise carbon accounting software makes it easy for large, complex organizations to surface, interpret and disclose their emissions data.

Powerful, data-driven insights

Access rich data insights - from industry benchmarking and trends over time to target setting and tracking - Minimum is built to power any large organization's sustainability strategy.

Clear, constant emissions data

Minimum captures, calculates and shares fully auditable and granular emissions data from an unlimited number of internal and external stakeholders, down to the individual activity level.

From analytics for business intelligence, to disclosure reports and emissions audits, Minimum has you covered.