Powering carbon accounting from behind the scenes.

Minimum partners with leading enterprise system providers, consultants and auditors to enable customers to access carbon accounting software that's fully integrated into their data and business flows.

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The ultimate system of record for emissions data.

Enterprise-ready platform.

Get started today, and prepare for tomorrow. Minimum’s enterprise carbon accounting software makes it easy for large, complex organizations to surface, interpret and disclose their emissions data.

Powerful, data-driven insights.

Access rich data insights - from industry benchmarking and trends over time to target setting and tracking - Minimum is built to power any large organization's sustainability strategy.

Clear, constant emissions data.

Minimum captures, calculates and shares fully auditable and granular emissions data from an unlimited number of internal and external stakeholders, down to the individual activity level.

Enterprise System Providers.

We ensure compliance with carbon accounting regulations through precise emission tracking and reporting, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Speak with our data experts to learn more about how Minimum enables enterprise system providers to give their clients access to fully integrated carbon accounting.


Consultants need an enterprise technology platform that enables them to spend more time on quality assurance and high-value, strategic work.

Speak with our carbon accounting experts to learn more about how Minimum gives consultants leverage in the carbon accounting and management process.


Minimum's robust, trackable data architecture provides traceability, versioning, and error flagging for easier data review and third-party audit and assurance.

Speak with our carbon accounting experts to learn more about how Minimum gives auditors leverage in the carbon audit and assurance process.

Scalable solutions built for enterprise.

From analytics for business intelligence, to disclosure reports and emissions audits, Minimum has you covered.