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Tutorials on Homeopathy
Donald Foubister BSc, MB, ChB, DCS, FF Born.
Beaconsfield Publishers Ltd. Beaconsfield, Bucks, England. 1989.
202 pages, paperback, $19.50 [Editor's note: As of March 1996 Minimum Price Books' price is $18.95]
reviewed by Thomas A. Kruzel, ND

Dr. Donald Foubister is probably best known for his contributions to the homeopathic community with regards to his writings about Carcinosin. Tutorials on Homeopathy is another of his contributions which further enriches the homeopathic literature. Tutorial is aptly named, for while reading it you are left with the feeling that Foubister is there himself as your teacher. The style is relaxed and less formal and reminded me somewhat of Kent's lectures. It is almost as if you are on grand rounds with an experienced homeopath and are the recipient of knowledge and wisdom that can only be acquired from years of practice. Dr. Foubister was able to oversee the preparation of the manuscript before his death in 1988.

Drawing from his years at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, Dr. Foubister discusses the various aspects of homeopathic prescribing, from tips on case taking in acute and chronic diseases to the importance of a thorough past medical, drug, anesthesia and family histories. He further incorporates the ideas and experiences of such great English homeopathic doctors as Margery Blackie, Margaret Tyler, Sir John Weir and Douglas Borland.

A chapter on pediatric case taking includes an excellent differentiation of some of the more commonly prescribed children's remedies as well as suggestions on how to obtain more information during a pediatric interview. Dr. Foubister's considerable experience as a pediatrician makes this section all the more comprehensive. The reader will find a section on the remedy Carcinosin beginning with a review of the leading indications for its use. Remedies covered throughout the book are accompanied by case histories which illustrate their efficacy.

Dr. Foubister also discusses the use of bowel and other nosodes in clinical practice, having become acquainted with the advantages of using them while working with Dr. Margaret Tyler. Considering the nosodes to be of benefit for prophylaxis, acute and chronic disease, he discusses their use in disease specific conditions, providing case histories of well indicated remedies failing to cure until the nosode was given or the nosode curing by itself. Feeling that certain lesser known remedies are under utilized, he includes sections on Alumina, Bellis perrenis, Folliculinum, Helleborus niger, Lac caninum, Pyrogen, Sol, and Tarentula hispanica. Drawing from his and other's experience with these remedies, he provides further clinical observations which can be used as indications for the medicines.

One area that the reader may find controversial, is his use of potencies in combination or alternating with one another during the course of treatment. While this is not considered classical homeopathy, his prescribing of them in this manner often helped a case to progress where it previously had faltered when the remedies were used by themselves. To his credit, Dr. Foubister also includes cases where the remedies did not effect a cure but led him to the correct prescription.

I found Tutorials on Homeopathy to be thoroughly enjoyable and easy reading. I also found myself making notes all the way through it as one would, who is doing a tutorial with an experienced teacher. Much of the information provided is invaluable and would otherwise require years of trial and error for one to discover by themselves. This is neatly summarized in an Appendix of Therapeutic Hints. I believe another important aspect of this book is the many cases he presents occurred in the hospital environment and demonstrates the value and compatibility of homeopathic medicine with current hospital protocol. Tutorials on Homeopathy belongs on the shelf of any homeopathic physician or lay homeopath as it can be easily consulted as a quick reference source. The $19.00 price is well worth it to add this book to your homeopathic library.

Dr. Kruzel is a naturopathic and homeopathic physician in private practice in Gresham, Oregon.