Back to home page Homeopathy in General Practice, by R.A.F. Jack

This review was reprinted from the October 2002 edition of Homeopathy in Practice with permission from the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.
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Homeopathy in General Practice
By: R.A.F. Jack

Beaconsfield Publishers, Beaconsfield, 2001
x + 239 pp., p/b, ISBN 0-906584-51-3

Reviewed by: Dr Colin B. Lessell

Essentially a detailed extraction and discussion of 129 cases from the records of this eminent practitioner, this is certainly one of the most pleasing and illuminating books I have seen on homeopathy in the last few years. The application of remedies to a wide range of clinical entities in general medical practice is described, both in place of and in conjunction with orthodox medicines. Although the cases are largely classified in relation to the systems of the body (cardiovascular, neurological etc.), proper homeopathic criteria for prescription are discussed appropriately. For example, four cases (Nos. 75-78) of Crohn's are described at some length in the chapter 'Gastrointestinal disease', but they are concisely and pointedly prefaced by a general dissertation on the homeopathic treatment of this condition, including how such therapy should be instituted in those already on orthodox medication (valuable comments, indeed, for those who wish to avoid disaster and medico-legal confrontation!). Here we learn that the author's experience suggests that the most effective constitutional remedies are Phosphorus, Phosphoricum acidum, Nux vomica, Lycopodium and Pulsatilla; whilst the most effective 'local' [sic] medicines are Podophyllum and Aloe.

Additionally, there are some fairly useful general introductory chapters on 'getting started' and first aid, whilst the final one is essentially a tribute to Hahnemann. This book is certainly going to be a winner with those new to homeopathy, whether they be physicians or otherwise - and, quite frankly, it is also a good read for most of us who might consider ourselves reasonably competent. The editors must be complimented on doing such a fine job. The price of 20.00 is quite reasonable for the distillation of a life's work and study, and nobody should ask to borrow my copy!